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Easy Do- it- Yourself Prom Styles

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Easy Do- it- Yourself Prom Styles

If you can't get to a salon on prom day, or just prefer to create your own prom hairstyle, then try one of these two easy styles that can be done at home and start with a basic pony tail. Keira Knightly proves that a prom hairstyle can look glamorous and needn't be difficult to achieve. To try this updo at home blow dry long hair that has had a styling cream applied to it. Part long bangs, if you have them, in or near the middle and then pull the rest of your hair back into a low, slightly off center pony tail. Now divide your pony tail into two or three sections, depending on the thickness of your hair, and spiral wrap each section vertically around a medium sized curling iron. Once the pony tail is all curled coat fingers with a hair pomade and gently blend the sections into one large spiral curl. Touch up bangs with a curling iron if necessary and mist your updo with hair spray. Another at home prom hairstyle to try is Jennifer Lopez's half-up style. Start by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow drying with a large paddle brush. The next step is to pull the sides and back of your hair up and to the crown of the head, keeping the hair as smooth as possible. Secure this section into a high pony tail. Now take a very small section of that pony tail, just slightly thicker than your elastic, and wrap it around the base of the pony tail, securing the end of this piece of hair with a bobby pin through the base. This will serve to hide the elastic. Your last step is to take medium sized sections of your hair and wrap them around a large barreled curling iron to give big, sexy waves at the ends of the hair. Use a small amount of hair wax to separate the waves on the end and finish up with a light misting of hair spray.



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