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Flower Types in an Arrangement

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Flower Types in an Arrangement

All flowers are shaped differently; some flowers are big and fat, others are tall and skinny, and some are tiny and come in clusters. And, all of these flowers have different uses. The types of flowers used in floral arrangements fall into three different categories: line flowers, focal flowers, and filler flowers.

Line flowers: are tall and have blossoms that are close to the stem (like liatris, stock, Canterbury bells, etc.)

Focal flowers: single stem, compact flowers that demand the attention of the viewer. They are placed in the center of the arrangement as well as along the edges of the container (roses, magnolias, peonies, etc.)

Filler flowers: Are used to fill the spaces between the line and focal flowers and give the arrangement a fuller appearance. They have clusters of individual flowers on one stem (baby's breath, denzia, pom-poms, etc.)



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