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The Perfect Fit for Prom Night

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How Do I Find the Perfect Prom Dress Fit?

The Perfect Fit for Prom Night

On prom night, you want a dress that not only dazzles but also feels comfortable and moves with you. You don't want to be wondering how to breathe when you sit down to dinner or tugging at fabric that won't keep you covered on the dance floor. Prom night is a time to feel relaxed, confident and focused on nothing else but having fun.

So getting the perfect fit is serious business and takes a bit of planning. Before you leave home to try on dresses, put on the right undergarments, including a strapless bra. Take sandals in the heel height you plan to wear to prom. If you have a glam pair of earrings or necklace, wear it to your dress fittings to find the perfect match.

View the dress from every angle in a full length, three-way mirror and pay special attention to:

  • How the dress falls, noting any puckering, bulging or bunching;
  • How the material looks and feels around the fitted areas (i.e. your waist and chest); and
  • The quality of the stitching, beading and embroidery.

If the dress needs adjustments, use the seamstress associated with the boutique or formalwear shop because that seamstress will be familiar with the fabrics and styles sold there. If you are buying a dress off the rack of a store that doesn't have a seamstress, make sure the adjustments are minor enough that they will be simple for any seamstress to handle. If the dress needs major adjustments, keep looking for one that works better with your body type.

And don't forget to bring a trusted friend along for a second opinion. Remember, your prom dress isn't perfect until it feels as amazing as it looks.



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