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Show Off Your Best Features with Today's Prom Fashions

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What prom dress accentuates your best features?

Show Off Your Best Features with Today's Prom Fashions

When it comes to prom dresses, one style does not fit all. A prom dress should highlight your best features and downplay your worst. It pays to evaluate your body type before settling upon one style.

For long and lean types, a sheath dress(straight line, fitted from shoulders to ankles) or a mermaid dress gives the “wow” factor. An empire cut dress with its high waistline and seam just under the bust is also a fabulous option if you are thin and small busted.

Classic pear shapes can't go wrong in an A-line dress. This dress is forgiving around the hips because the skirt flares out and accentuates your shapely waist. And go strapless . . . a strapless gown will draw attention to your delicate upper torso features.

For fuller figures, a ball gown will accentuate your beautiful arms and shoulders. If you are big busted, a v-shaped top will give you extra support and make you look well proportioned, as will a strapless dress with a corseted top. Resist the urge to cover up! You will look thinner if your dress fits well and you are showing a little skin.

With this information, you are well-armed to walk confidently into any boutique and let the sales assistant know what style works with your best features!



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