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Prom Hairstyles Tips

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Jessica Simpson's Updo

A sculpted yet not too structured prom hairstyle is Jessica Simpson's updo. This style is best for hair that is no longer than shoulder length. To achieve this style a full and long bang is left out to swoop across the forehead. Separate this bang section and leave it for the end. Next, taking large sections, the hair is swept loosely back and secured to the head with bobby pins. The hair from the nape of the neck is pulled up to just below the middle of the back of the head and pinned. Don't worry about making the sections too neat as a little “messiness” adds to the casualness of this style. To avoid this prom hairstyle looking too cute, leave ends of the pinned sections out and let them hang straight without curling. Next the bang section has a styling wax applied to it and swept to the side for a dramatic effect. Spray generously with hair spray to hold. Home or Salon Style- This prom hairstyle is really on the borderline. If you or a friend of yours is a hair whiz then, by all means, give it a shot. But if hairstyling is not your thing then book your prom hairstyle at a salon.

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