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Making your Salon Appointment

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Making your Salon Appointment

So you've got a formal event coming up and you're going to need a formal hairstyle. Before you call your favorite salon here's a few tips to make your salon visit a pleasant and smooth sailing one. Make your appointment A.S.A.P- Don't wait until the last minute to book your formal hairstyle appointment. Formal hairstyles take time and you don't want to be crammed in between other clients with a rushed stylist who can't take their time and give attention to detail. Consider a consultation- If you are someone who either has no idea what type of formal hairstyles you like or are very picky about your formal hairstyles (it's ok to admit it and yes, you know who you are) then do both you and your stylist a favor and book a consultation ahead of time. Some consultations are free some aren't but it may well be worth it as this is when you can get your likes and dislikes across without wasting time on the day of the event. Don't Wash Your Hair- Squeaky clean hair won't style properly so don't show up with freshly shampooed, or worse, still wet hair, to your formal hairstyle appointment. If you must wash your hair before the event do it the night before and mist hair with a spray gel and let air dry. This will give the hair some grip to work with. Know What You Want and Prove It- Before you set foot into the salon for your appointment do your homework. Look through magazines or online for prom hairstyles that you want. Narrow it down to one or maybe two prom hairstyles and take pictures with you so your stylist can see exactly what it is you want.



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